Community Groups

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The place to find real community and grow spiritually at Radiance is found in our community groups. We believe that the local church is most healthy when smaller groups of believers and seekers get together outside of Sunday service for prayer, discussion, and sharing life together.
San Francisco
Brian W. + Alice W.
(Tues 7pm)
Aillen Y. + Lauren P.
(Tues 7pm)
Jeff C. + Kaylin L.
(Tues 7pm)
Ashley Y. + James Y. + Stephen Q.
(Wed 7:30pm)
Katie H. + Kevin T. + Jackie M.
(Thurs 7pm)
Sooin K.
Support: Hye Sun N.
(Thurs 7pm)
Joe S. + Hye Sun N. + Isaac K.
(Thurs 7pm)
Nick M. + Joe R. + Kevin A.
(Thurs 7pm)
Riancy L. + Faith H.
(Thurs 7pm)
Jon C. + Alan P. + Christie C. + Grace Y.
(Thurs 8pm)
Katy K.
(Thurs 7pm)
Albert L. + John H.
(Tues 6:30pm)
Steve X.
(Tues 6:30pm)
David K.
(Sat 5pm)
East Bay
 Jess N.
(Thurs 6:30pm)