Outreach Response

Updated on Friday, May 29th at 5:00PM

We understand the many ways to serve below can be overwhelming. If you want to connect with one of our Outreach leaders to better understand where to start, please email Lynn Lee Law at lynnleelaw@radiancesf.org.

With the climate of San Francisco changing every day and even every hour due to COVID-19, please see below for updated information on how our Outreach ministries are responding and living out the heart of each of their ministries as well as opportunities to be involved.

Next Door Shelter - Homeless Ministry

Cookies & Personal Notes Drop Offs (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Even though we currently cannot meet for our Wednesday Ice Cream Socials, we are coordinating with the administrative team to drop off cookies and personal notes to the residents at NDS and love on them the best we can at this time.


We believe in the power of prayer and the prayer of faith as written in James 5.  We are still virtually meeting with CGs and those on our NDS list serv signed up to serve for our Saturday Dinner Service.  We believe prayer IS the greater work so we will be spending time praying for the residents and staff at NDS as well as our homeless population in San Francisco.

If you are interested in learning more and want to pray with our NDS leaders, please email nds@radiancesf.org.

Little Brothers - Elderly Ministry


Little Brothers is asking for volunteers who can assist a homebound elder with his/her grocery runs! You must not have had any cold symptoms, fever, or have been around anyone who has been sick. If you are interested in volunteering and want to pray for the elderly in our community, please email Shawn Yoon & Steph Chu at rcc-lil-brothers@googlegroups.com.

Foster the Bay - Foster Care Ministry

Because of the shelter in place order, we are no longer meeting with our foster families in person.  Instead, we are calling them to check in, pray with them, and order meals to their households at this time. If you are interested in learning more about our foster care ministry and/or want to participate in our mini gift drive to bless our foster children, please email Davy Xu at xudavy@gmail.com.

Heart for Fillmore

Calling Our Neighbors

Instead of our Sunday door-to-door ministry, we have been calling to check in on our friends we have made throughout the past few years.


As a team on Sunday mornings, we are virtually praying for our neighborhood the Fillmore, our friends in the Fillmore, and preparing for the months to come after the health crisis is over.

If you are interested in learning more about our Heart for Fillmore ministry, please email Danny Tong at  danmanville01@gmail.com.

Fillmore Square

Please join us in prayer as we check in and pray for our community based partners and local business partners. Please pray for all the local businesses in San Francisco!

Other City Opportunities

SF Marin Food Bank - Pop Up Pantries (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

SF Marin Food Bank is serving our city’s most vulnerable people, children, seniors, homebound adults with disabilities, and families struggling during this time. Radiance currently serves weekly every Wed at Rosa Parks Elementary (8-10am) and Sat at Jones Memorial (7-10am). If you are interested in volunteering, please email RCCfoodbank_leaders@radiancesf.org!


A team of Radiance members have been sewing homemade cloth face masks for our local communities and organizations! If you know of individuals and organizations in need of homemade face masks, please reach out to Lynn Lee Law at lynnleelaw@radiancesf.org.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels need emergency volunteer drivers to help deliver meals to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities.  If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Steven Yuan at syuan100@gmail.com who will organize efforts to volunteer at Meals on Wheels.

SF City Impact

We are in continuous contact with our partner SF City Impact.  For the safety of the community, City Impact is currently not asking for volunteers at their food bank at this time. Please continue to pray for City Impact’s staff, volunteers, and those they serve.

Personal Check Ins with Neighbors

If you haven’t already, please check in on your neighbors while practicing social distancing!  This act of kindness goes a long way!

Another way to care for your neighbors would be to sign up for NextDoor in your neighborhood and offer to get groceries for someone that is unable to do so during this time.

As noted by our NDS leaders, prayer IS the greater work so when you go on your daily walks, spend time with the Lord and prayer walk in the community that you live in, loving on your neighbors by praying for them.

Thank You Notes to Essential Workers

We would like to challenge everyone to post up thank you notes or say thank you to all our essential workers including your mailman, delivery partners, grocery store workers, and more that you might still see on a regular basis.

Financial Donations

If you have the means during this time, we encourage our members to donate to any of the organizations listed above at this time as these essential organizations operate on the ground to love our city. In addition to the above ways to serve, Radiance is continuously looking for opportunities to assist local community-based organizations and businesses so please consider donating through our Give page.

For safety precautions when volunteering in person for any of the above needs, please refer to this page.

This page will continuously be updated as opportunities arise and updates are available!  If you have any general questions, comments, or concerns, please email Lynn Lee Law at lynnleelaw@radiancesf.org.