Learn how to get involved at Radiance

Children’s Ministry

Lead: Jon Moon
Contact: childrens@radiancesf.org

At Radiance, we believe that our children can authentically worship just like their parents. It’s our desire that our families would learn how to make Jesus #1 in their hearts and take practical steps to shine His light to the world.

The Children’s Ministry provide our kids a great start to a meaningful relationship with Christ and provide fun and practical ways to grow in their faith as we teach them about the Bible from an early age.


Lead: Louisa Tao; John Lee
Contact: hospitality@radiancesf.org

The Hospitality team oversees the food and refreshments for the church. We’re responsible for providing weekly Sunday coffee & pastries, monthly newcomer’s luncheon, and catering larger congregational celebrations throughout the year (ex: Easter, Thanksgiving, etc).

We believe food and fellowship go hand-in-hand, and our ministry serves to give people a warm welcome in addition to a hot cup of coffee!


Lead: Steven Yuan; Grace Yuan
Contact: media@radiancesf.org

Communicating the message of Jesus is a major aspect of the Christian faith. Mediums such as photography, video and design can allow that message to be delivered more effectively.

As the media team, we also want to use creativity and technology to edify the body of Christ, whether it be through making sermons easily accessible to creating a video to promote events!


Lead: Albert Lim; Alex Shiau
Contact: operations@radiancesf.org

As the Operations Team, we manage the overall logistics of Sunday worship at Radiance. We serve our church by setting up chairs for people to sit in, helping people find seats as they come in, ensuring the kids feel safe during Children’s Ministry and more.

Though a lot of what we do may seem like all physical work, we believe that it is also spiritual. Just like Abraham built an altar and worshipped God there, we want to create a place of worship where people come before God on Sundays.


Lead: Jane Kang
Contact: prayer@radiancesf.org

The prayer team’s mission is to intercede, through prayer, for Radiance as we live out the vision to see people and places transformed by the advancement of the Gospel in our own lives, community, culture, and world. We submit our plans, thoughts, fear, and joys of our church body, the city, and the world to God both personally and communally. We value the support and power of communal prayer, so we gather on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings to intercede together.

We believe prayer is the beginning of transformation for us, individually, and for the world. We want to know God’s heart intimately as we move forward in earnest surrender. We hope you can join us.


Lead: Steven Yuan; Grace Yuan
Contact: web@radiancesf.org

The purpose of the website ministry is to be an online resource for the church and everyone who is interested in Radiance. We do this by sharing the heart of Christ and our church through the website, social media and other online media. By doing so, we provide a resource where they can learn more about Christ and connect with the Radiance community.


Lead: Brian Suh; John Shin; Sarah Park
Contact: welcoming@radiancesf.org

The act of enfolding everyone into the body of Christ is important to us, whether the person’s a regular or a newcomer. We want everyone to be warmly, greeted and included—not just at the door of the building, but beyond the halls of the church.

The Welcoming Team is a great place to start serving; all you need is to bring a smile! It’s also a great way to get connected with the church and see the growth of Radiance right before your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert and introvert, we would love to have you serve with us.


Director: Alexis Lee
Contact: alexislee@radiancesf.org

The vision of the praise team is to establish an environment where our church community can freely experience God’s presence in worship. We accomplish this by setting up and breaking down equipment, making sure that the audio/visual and technical aspects of the services run smoothly, and continually supporting God’s ministry with personal and corporate prayer.